Friday, June 26, 2015

Row X Row Hop

The Row x Row Shop Hop has begun.  Here's my first row and plate, from Village Fabrics and Crafts, in Paradise, MI.  The row is of Tahquamenon Falls.  The license plate is a pun on Lake Superior.

You can check out all the info on this popular hop by clicking here.


Calicojoan said...

Are you near Lake Onion MI??? There is a Row by Row, that I am dying to have, with a baby moose on it. I can't wait till November when they can mail them out! :-( I might be able to make a trade with you for some shops here in Colorado! Hint hint!

Pat from Florida and Michigan said...

Sorry, Joan. Not near Lake Orien at all.

Dolores said...

So far, I have over 40 RXR patterns collected - just from Ontario. It's almost addictive.

Anonymous said...

I hope you got many more. I can't believe summer is gone and the row x row is over for this year. There are so many near here I never got to visit.