Monday, March 16, 2009



What's happening to the neighborhood? Everything from rose cottages, cowgirl ranches, and psychedelic homes are here, and only 2 are identical! 12 of these are going to the swap. Two I'll keep. They just need their uphill downhill borders before they fly off to Texas.
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Angela said...
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Angela said...

Your houses are great, Pat! I am in the Happy Houses swap too! You can see the houses that I sent off to Kathy last week here:
This is my first time joining in on a swap and I am so excited to receive everyones wonderful blocks!
(Sorry I deleted my first comment because I forgot to add my link! DUH!)

Betweens said...

Pat you are always doing something exciting. Love your neighbourhood of houses. I did a school house block swap with the retro reds and it was awesome.. can't wait to see what you get back.

Gean said...

I know it's hard right now with one arm but you see 58 years ago I was born with bone cancer at 3 weeks old and had my right arm amputated. I was married for 30 years and have 2 grown children and 1 grandson,I did make my siggies, using soup cans as weights to hold the blocks still while I stamped and wrote. When I sew I use only one arm but my machine has a walking foot that helps me. If you need any help email me.
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