Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is my second year to make siggies. They are small squares that quilters love to swap and collect. There's a large Siggy Swap on the Dear Jane list every year. There's also an International Siggy Swap that goes on too (DJ is international too though). I added a link to the international swap on the side of my blog.

Pictured is the Siggy block I've been using on the International Swap in 2009. My DJ swap blocks will be similar, but I have selected a cherry fabric to represent Michigan, and oranges to represent Florida. I'll have two corners of each.

If you are interested in swapping siggies one-on-one with me, please email me at: Nana.Quilts@gmail.com

Here's the directions for making them.


Use only quilt shop quality, pre-washed, 100% cotton fabric.

Center: Cut one 3.5 inch square of light. This may be white, off-white, or any light color. Quality muslin works well. Do not use white-on-white, as ink doesn’t adhere to it well.

4 Corners: Cut two 4.0 inch squares of a fabric of your choice and cut each once on the diagonal.

Center and sew two triangles on opposite sides of the center square.
Press seam toward triangles. Trim off the extra ‘wings’.
Center and sew the other two triangles on the remaining sides of the center square. Press.

Receivers like to trim their own blocks. Different people do this differently, so even though they may look a tad ‘sloppy’ not trimmed up, resist the temptation and send them as is.

Use a Pigma® pen, or any waterproof, permanent, pen that is intended for fabric to sign your block. The color is your choice. Please include your name, state and country. It’s easier to sign your blocks if you put them on sandpaper or press a piece of freezer paper to the back first. Press to set the ink. You may choose to embroider your information if you want to. If you use a rubber stamp, be sure your stamp pad is waterproof, permanent, intended for fabric ink (like VersaCraft).

You may add any washable embellishments you want to. Plain Janes are welcome too.

Most of all, have fun trading Siggies with others around the world!


Soosan said...

On the upper left hand pic of the Prairie Braid, love it! Just had a weekend retreat and started one. It is made with scraps to rid my closet;) and the rows inbetween the braids, is black on black fabric. When I finish it, I'll send you a pic.

Micki said...

I have now received so many siggies. I am half way there to a quilt. They are wonderful to receive!