Saturday, April 24, 2010


Have you heard of the klosje craze? It started in Holland, spread through Europe, and now is across the pond to the USA. Klosjes are tiny spool blocks and are hand-pieced. Traditionally they are made on Saturday, so I started today. Now I have no idea why klosjes are made on Saturdays, but I can only imagine, because it was frugal to use up those tiny scraps from the week's sewing on Saturday. But that is just my personal guess.

If you google "klosje" you'll find many blogs, etc., where they are being talked about.

There are many tiny spool patterns and you can, of course, draft your own. I'm using a Cindy Blackberg stamp set for my pattern. You stamp the back of the fabric with Versa Craft ink, and then cut on the cutting line, and stitch on the seam line. I've only made one, but it went together in a flash. I have pulled tiny scraps from the scrap basket to stamp and cut. I rarely throw away any scrap over an inch square, so I have lots of tiny pieces to work with. My DH often comments how itty bitty my pieces are in the waste basket in my sewing studio.

Even though DGD, Brianne, culled through my scrap basket this morning, and took a nice lot home with her, I still have plenty to work with.
Here's my first klosje. It is made from leftover print from the Friendship Swap, and black from the Amish Swap. My klosjes finish at 2 3/4". I think this will make a fantastic take-along project, Saturday, or not.


Pat said...

I need to do this but I don't have a stamp like that and it seems that would be the easiest way to do them.......are there Y seams when you sew this???? (I hate Y seams!!!)

Diane said...

Cindy's stamps are the only way I would make these. I don't plan on making them but you never know. I have her stamp set for the baskets that finish 3.25". I have about 90 made...and a king size bed. LOL

Frummie said...

Check out INKLINGO. I haven't started mine yet. I am still working on my diamond stars and hex quilt

Karen said...

I love your first klosjes and the stamp template is wonderful!!! Did you make it?

June said...

I had never heard of Klosjes before & think that they are so cute! I have always loved bowtie blocks. Something to think about!

Elni said...

Hi Pat,

I believe, the 'klosjes' are not MADE on saterday, but they are SHOWN that day on all the different spool-blogs!! Thats why saterday is called klosjesdag (spool-day) now in the Netherlands.

Love, Elni Langeveld,
Zwolle, Holland
(from the SBS list)

Angela said...

Did you order the stamps thru Cindy Blackberg's site, or somewhere else?