Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm back working outside today, but without Jack, the Ripper, this time! Today I stamped spool blocks, using my Cindy Blackberg stamp, and now I'm outside cutting them out. I haven't cut out templates using scissors since rotary cutters came out. How long ago is that? 20 years? 30 years? I feel like a pioneer woman with my sewing basket, sitting outside, cutting my pieces with scissors. It's very relaxing and feels like getting back to our roots.

Here's a peak inside the basket. It is perfect for klosje work! It has 4 compartments. One for each part of the spool block and one for tools. This is one of those Longaberger Baskets that I 'just had to have' years ago, and never found the perfect use for. Now I know why I had to have it, LOL!

My dogs keep wandering by and are in the picture. They are practicing their 'catching flying insects mid-air' skills today. I don't think they're getting many and have resorted to sniffing the ground.


sophie said...

It seems like a really delightful way to spend some time. I'm loving the little klosjes, too.

When I hand-pieced some 6 inch spool blocks for the block lotto (in January 2009), I really enjoyed it and thought I'd make more ... and seeing these little spool blocks around blogland are calling my name ;-)

Frummie said...

Hi Pat,
Couldn't you use Inklingo, I think Tilde posted a klosjes on the sampler blog.

Mary said...

On the Lanai??? I think you've been reading/dreaming of "The Aloha Quilt". I finally got the book I had signed all read. I took my time and didn't rush it this year. It's a long time until next March when "The Union Quilt" comes out.

Angela said...

I am going to have to go searching for those stamps... SO tempting!
I love your sewing basket!

Pat from FL and MI said...

To Frummie: You need to change your settings so I can reply to your comments via email. When I go to email you, I get 'no reply'.

Yes, Inklingo works for these too. I sort of like leaving the computer out of this one, and I'm stamping on really small scraps. It would be have to set it up in Inklingo, I think. Other than background, I'm only making a couple of each fabric.

Pat said...

What a relaxing activity!

Rosa Robichaud said...

That basket looks ADORABLE!!! In fact, when I looked at the FIRST picture, it looked like a scrumptious chocolate cake!
(bear in mind that I'm on a diet and did a bunch of household activities and I'm EXHAUSTED right now! LOL)

What's a Lanai?


Frummie said...

I am sorry, I thought I was on e-mail.
I will try to rectify that right now.