Sunday, June 20, 2010


One of my favorite 'at the cabin' activities is doing jigsaw puzzles. My DGD, Bri, age 10, and I worked on this 550 piece one for less than a week. We are getting good! The picture is of Lake Superior Beach Stones, and it really is just how it looks if you go to a rocky shore up here. Well, perhaps except for those three opened agates, LOL! They are a bit more elusive.

No, it's not quilting, but it is a lesson in color and patterns. God's artwork (a.k.a. nature) is always the best! And I do think the ability to 'see' how to dissect a quilt block pattern, and puzzles have lots in common.

Tomorrow I'll share a photo of another puzzle we finished today (my DD, my DH, and me). It one of those you see in quilt shops and was a gift from a dear friend. More about that tomorrow.


Micki said...

I love puzzles too Pat, so I can appreciate that one...great job!

Angela said...

I love puzzles, but haven't done one in ages! This one is really pretty!

Pat said...

I helped for a little while with a jigsaw puzzle at game night at our church on Friday. I love this one of the beach stones!