Sunday, September 1, 2013


A while back I posted a photo of Leigh's medallion quilt and asked what you thought I might do with it.  I really appreciated all the ideas.  For most of the summer I thought I'd go with the dogtooth border suggestion.  But in the end I decided to make a quarter-square-triangle border. 

Here it is now:

And here's a refresher of what it looked like when I received it.
Lynda, the stitcher before me in this swap, left her blue border large, so I could trim it how I needed to fit mine.  Did that ever help!  I trimmed to a multiple of 5, 35.5" to fit seven 5" blocks per side.  Using an odd number per side allowed me to keep the pattern going in the corner blocks.

This is really fun to do and I know it stretches my quilt design skills.  But, I have to say I feel a bit like "Check" one more off my list.  This is due Sept. 4, so nothing like cutting it close!

I have 3 other swap commitments this year -- one more medallion which I'll share soonest, a row swap final row, and stars for Bea's swap.  Once those are done, I'm swearing off swaps for a bit.  I have soooo many UFO's and so many projects in process that I want more time for.  Oh, and a new Quilter's Book Club to read and quilt.  And Jennifer Chiaverini's Loyal Union Samper group will start their BOW in Oct.  I need more time!

Hope you, too, find some time to stitch this Labor Day Weekend (at least here, in The States).  It's a labor of love :)


Snippets of Carol said...

I like what you finely decided on. Looks great.

PeggyB said...

You did a nice balance of color adding that much light to the border. I think it looks good

Wacky Woman said...

Really, really like what you did. Lovely!

SharonZ said...

Love the border you added Pat! Makes the quilt really pop.

Mary said...

You have been busy with all those SWAPS. I'm starting early for the LUS. I hope to have something to show Jennifer in CO. I'm re-reading the Marie Bostwick book. It's even better the 2nd time.