Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The kit arrived today.  Yeah!  Love this one, and can't wait to get started, but it will be 2014 before that happens, I do think.  I really like how this one incorporates fabrics from all 4 Downton women's lines.

But, I also must say that I love Violet. She is my favorite character.  I want to be her when I grow up.  And I also am called to this quilt from her line.  Applique and piecing mixed - a favorite of mine.

This quilt, from the fabric manufacturer, Andover,  calls to me too.  There are many patterns out there for this fabric line, and of course, you could use your own imagination too.  Here's a link to Andover's patterns.

I know the fabric is flying off the bolts.  I'm glad I ordered as soon as it was available.  My kit is from The Fat Quarter Shop.  Now I'm eager to see what everyone makes with Downton fabric.  I've seen other 1920s lines coming out too.  A new trend, like CW or 30s?  Do we all secretly wish we were flappers in the 20s?


Hitimbr said...

Pat you got me so excited to make a surprise Christmas item or two for my daughter from the Downton Abbey fabrics... I spent all day trying to locate the backing fabric print ! Finally... after being online and phone all over the country I found it at a shop on the west edge of Wisconsin ... (230 miles away) couldn't believe how few got in on first orders... a shop out east had the other prints for only $9.29 a yard... here I Had to pay $12 a yard for the Downton Abby print.. I need it for the cute purse and vest lining.... TV viewing tea party clothing was my DH idea for the fabric... I will take photos...for your blog....

Pat from Florida and Michigan said...

You come in as 'no reply' meaning no email addy given, so I'm commenting back to you here. So glad you found the fabric! I'm sure your daughters will be thrilled!

I didn't preorder, but as soon as I saw it in their shop I ordered, knowing it would fly.

Some of us are Downton junkies. There are worse habits:)

Dolores said...

Have fun with your kit. I own the DVDs and most of the females in the family are eagerly waiting for season 4 in January.

Marianne said...

Have fun with one more UFO! I am hoping to get some Violet's collection fabric after Christmas. I'm afraid someone will get me some for Christmas, so I'm waiting. I got my brother hooked on the series, too, so we talk about Mary, Matthew, Bates, etc. all the time.