Sunday, November 3, 2013


I've been working on stars all weekend.  Bea designed this paper-pieced block in EQ.  They finish 12".  Each block is made in 8 sections (two print to a page), and there are 9 pieces in each section.

Yup.  That's 72 pieces in each  block.  Yikes!  Worse yet, I was getting up and pressing and cutting after each line of stitching.  New system, all set up at the machine now.  Whew.  I've gotten it down to 15 minutes a section, so that's two hours per block, not counting selecting fabrics, cutting to size for piecing, and removing the paper.

This is not a swap to let slide!  But I did.  Life happened on so many fronts, and I'm under the wire now.  Back to stitching.  I need 10 total, 2 each of 5 colorways.  Plus my own, but that can and will wait.

How's your weekend going?  I'm thankful for the extra hour.  Hey, that's half a block:)


Wacky Woman said...

That is a pretty block. But, it does look like a lot of work. I'm hoping to get to some sewing this week, now that I am settled in to my new digs for 2.5 months.

Cyn said...

WOWZER what a great block! Your piecing is perfect. Love your color
choices. Your block really pops. Makes me itch to sew. Lol

sophie said...

Béa designed a great pattern ... and you made some beautiful star blocks!

Josie Scheckel said...

oh Pat these stars are fantastic..I would have jumped on this kind of challenge in a swap.. I wish you could share that pattern..I would like to use in WH Love your color choices they are poppin I would work in black gray and magenta or lime.