Monday, March 15, 2010


I had just sent out my Easter Basket swap, when the next day mine arrived from Angela. Everything is soooooooooo nice! For the 'made' part, Angela made me an Easter basket pincushion. Soooo cute! Stuck in the cushion are pins holding flower buttons. She is so clever! Also 'made' are two crocheted wash clothes. I always am fond of the homemade ones over the commercial. There are 2 little chocolate Hershey bunnies (in tact, as it's not hot in Florida yet), a set of two ceramic birdhouse buttons, Easter dimensional stickers, itty-bitty flower/leaf beads, an image for fabric transfer (I've never done that, so it will something new to learn), and a small notepad, and on each page half says in big letters, "I will do one thing today." and then in tiny letters "thing" with the rest of the page free to write. Organization -- I can sure use that! Humor too! Wow! This has been so fun! I love these little one-on-one swaps! Thank you, thank you, Angela!


Angela said...

Those little sticky notes are funny, aren't they? Some days, I feel like I get nothing accomplished (except for the MOM stuff) and so I thought those might help me at least complete one small goal a day! :o)
Glad you liked your gifts! It was so fun choosing items for you!

Mel said...

What a FUN pincushion!!

Swaps are so fun!