Friday, March 12, 2010


My Easter Basket swap is going in the mail today to .........................?????????????????????

For the handmade item I whipped up another pincushion. I couldn't part with the other one once Carol spotted the piggy in her. Now that's all I can see from that angle too. Plus the new one isn't wonky. So I'll keep the wonky piggy cupcake, and send the new one with the flower on top.

I'm actually including a real basket in the swap (not a requirement), bunny tissues, Jelly Bellys, a bobble-head bunny, and an exercise ball for hands that says "When life gives you scraps" on one side and "make a quilt" on the other.

Hope the receiver likes everything.

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Angela said...

What sweet, sweet gifts! I sent mine off yesterday, but since *someone* sees my blog, I haven't posted a pic yet... :O)