Sunday, March 6, 2011


We're ready to stitch our appliques down. One important consideration, is to use a stabilizer. This will prevent your applique from 'bunching up' as you stitch. I use Sulky Tear Easy. There are many kinds available, and some gals use coffee filters or children's drawing paper. I get the Tear-Easy on the notions wall at JoAnn's. It comes in two widths.

Here you can see the stabilizer sticking out, as I'm ready to stitch. Just make sure it totally covers your applique back.

Practice on scraps to get the look you want. Things to consider: stitch (buttonhole, satin, etc.) stitch length and width, thread thickness, thread color, etc. I'm using Aurifil 50 in a color to match the applique. This is a thin but strong thread, 50 weight. I use it and Precensia for almost all my stitching. They work well and don't fuzz up the needle and bobbin area excessively.
Stitch all around your applique piece. Fasten beginning and ending threads. I have a tack stitch on my machine that I use for this. You can also pull the threads to the back to tie.

This is what the back looks like, all stitched.

Tear away the stabilizer from the back, both outside and inside the applique. The type I use removes easily without distorting the stitches.

Here's an up close of my stitches.

Just continue with all your appliques. I change the thread color in my top thread, to match the applique piece. The bobbin can remain a neutral.

No affiliation with any of the products mentioned. Just what I like.

I want to mention that many gals find it helpful to starch at every step of the way. This will help to keep your fabric crisp and smooth. I avoid extra chemicals in my life for heath reasons, so I rarely use starch.

As with all things quilty, we have choices. There's no one right way. Isn't that nice?


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Cyn ;-) said...

Nice job, Pat. Great tute! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction to find it. I read all for parts. Please wish me luck as i try it this weekend... think I'll do a practice potholder first to get the 'feel'for it.
Thanks again.