Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My eight-year-old granddaughter, Ali, decided she would like a pillowcase made by Nana too. You may remember the chipmunk one I gave to her sister for Christmas. She had selected a rather pathetic piece from the scrap bag that I let the grands use for their sewing projects, without asking. I suggested a shopping trip to select just what she would love. So off we went. She picked this groovy fabric. And while they did have coordinates, she also selected these bright Kona solids for the trim and cuff. A couple hours later she was all ready to sleep on it.

The first morning, she commented that she woke up and wondered where her stripes were (from her usual pillowcase). Then she remembered!

Here's an up-close of the peace and love fabric. I would have selected it back in 1969 or so!

I use the rolled sausage method to make these, and then do a French seam for the side and bottom. That way all seams are encased. I should do a tutorial sometime. It's much like the one on this web site, where I learned about the sausage method.
But I do a French seam. This site is almost how I make mine.
But I make my French seam all in one with a pivot, so I can trim up the corner to reduce bulk. I really should do a tut.


Pat said...

I hope you do a tutorial. I've seen some but I'd like to know how you do the pivot and reduce bulk on your French seams. I like the fabric your granddaughter chose!

retriever said...

Lovely blog, happy spring, greeting from Belgium