Thursday, March 3, 2011


We're continuing on here with my tutorial. You have your shapes all drawn and cut from lesson one. Now select all the shapes that will need to be cut from one fabric. Your fusible will go on the wrong side of the fabric.

Be sure you follow the directions on your fusible product. They do vary a bit, and for best results follow the manufacturer's guidelines. I'm using Lite Steam a Seam 2, and following what they say.

First lay your shapes on the wrong side of your chosen fabric to make sure they all fit.

Give the wrong side of your fabric a good press to remove wrinkles and to heat the fabric. You don't necessarily have to heat the fabric, but I do, and the directions say if you have trouble with it sticking, heat the fabric first. Whose wrinkley-looking hand is that on that iron? LOL!

Peal off the backing paper. Be sure the fusible stays with the paper with the drawn line! With my product one side peals off easier than the other. You draw on the side that sticks better, so that at this stage you can easily remove the paper on the other side.

Give the shape a good push down with your finger all around the shape.

Here they are all finger-pressed down. Don't use an iron at this stage!

Cut through the fusible and fabric following the drawn line. You may want to use smaller shears for small appliques with more details. Sorry for the blur. It's hard to take a picture and cut at the same time, LOL!

All cut out and flipped to the right side.

Cut out all your appliques for your project in the same manner. Next we'll be arranging them on your fabric.

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