Friday, August 5, 2011


My rows have completed their rounds and are home to me.  Remember when I sent out the first row -- three dinosaurs -- the tall middle row here -- last spring?  Well they've been busy traveling the country, getting a new row at each of six stops.

In this Row-Robin, seven of us each made our starter row in our own theme.  We included a few fabrics, and sent it on.  Each gal in turn could add fabrics, or use the ones we included as they chose, to design a 6" x 36" row to add to the quilt.

It's all been a secret until the 'owner' gets all her rows back.  As they come home I'll share the rows I made for the others.  We had six weeks for each row, taking this swap into January.  But everyone has been so enthusiastic and busy, that three of us already have our completed swaps.

This dinosaur quilt will be for my DGS, Brendan, for his 5th birthday next year.  He'll enjoy wiggling the teeth (they aren't sewn down, only at the gum line, as they are prairie points) and snapping open the eggs to see what dino is growing inside.  What a fun project!  What great friends!  What a super quilt it will be!

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Janet said...

What a fun quilt...and so fun to have friends who are so creative.