Sunday, February 19, 2012


My DJSS February gift arrived yesterday.  I love the three FQs.  The yellow is almost the color of my great room walls, and I'm planning a quilt for there, so................  The little orange thing is a mirror for your purse, and the soap smells divine -- lavendar and rosemary.  It's made with goat's milk, olive oil, etc.  My skin can't wait to try it.  Thank you DJSS, if you are reading.

And a little not to her, the black/red/whites I'm gathering are the fun novelty ones that you see in the LQSs.  If you look back to last summer you'll see some of my blocks with them.  I'm also planning a quilt for next summer with reds in a variety, but just red and a bit of white or cream, but no other color.  Thanks for asking.  So many plans, so little time.


Debbie Madigan said...

What a great gift! I can almost smell the lavendar and rosemary soap. You are a lucky lady :)

wackywoman said...

What a score! You lucky girl! What's up with this new "Please prove you're not a robot" stuff. My poor old eyes.