Sunday, February 5, 2012


A group of online friends are starting an effort to get our flimsies (completed quilt tops) made into quilts.  We decided to dedicate Fridays to this.  It can be doing the binding, quilting, or putting the top together.  Anything that gets these UFO's finished.  This first week, I stitched together this quilt top.  It's from a row by row swap last year.  My theme was dinosaurs and I made the row with the blue, orange, and green dinos, to set the tone.  The other rows were made by the other swappers. 

Everyone put in such detail!  Some of the eggs open to reveal dinos inside.  One row has Brendan's name (my 5-year-old DGS, who the quilt is for).  Another has wiggley spines.  I love them all.

Now to get it basted and quilted and in the mail soonest!


wackywoman said...

Good for you. I may have a few of those around here. :-)

Cyn ;-) said...

Darling quilt. Love the dinos.
Your Flimsy Friday sounds like a good idea. You always have great inspiration on your blog!