Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jinny Beyer Palette

Look what was in my mailbox!  Fabric Depot had a sale on Jinny Beyer Palette fabrics, and one of the gals in my Birthday FQ swap requested fabrics from that line.  Well, of course at $1.71 a quarter yard cut, I ordered some for applique.  There's a few half-yards in there (to make the FQ) too.  What yummy fabrics!  Guess which one you are getting, Debbie.

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Debbie Madigan said...

As a child growing up, my mom will tell you that when it came to my birthday, it was very difficult to keep me from finding my presents! I just couldn't stand to wait! Things haven't changed much now that I am an adult. All of these are so pretty and wondering which one is mine will probably drive me crazy (well, crazier than I already am!). And now I have to wait until April to find out! Pat, you truly are like a big sister to me :)