Friday, March 16, 2012


My little swap group is again doing a row swap this year.  Remember?  Last year I made the Dino Quilt from this swap.  This time I'm aiming for a tropical beach themed wall hanging for my guest room.  My starter row of beach cabanas and palm trees is displayed on the bedspread in that room.  The walls are aqua and light green.  I think this will make a nice Florida retreat for our guests.

You won't be seeing this one again for a while.  It's all hush-hush secret until the owner gets all the rows back which is scheduled for December (although last year the rows flew around way ahead of schedule).  This year's themes include Northwoods, Owls, Patriotic, and my Tropical Beach so far.  There's three others too, who haven't shared yet what their theme will be.  Fun!  Makes you think out of your box for sure, working on someone else's theme and palette!

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