Sunday, March 18, 2012


Yesterday I made my first 'snap bag', you know, those bags where you use a metal tape measure for the snap together top.  I used selvages for the outer fabric and a selvege strip folded and sewn for the pulls (where you often see prairie points).  This bag is about 5" x 9", perfect for sewing notions, I think.  You can make them any size, even as cases for I-pads.  I have fabric and liners cut for a few more.  It's quick, easy, and creative.

I didn't have a pattern, but you can find tutorials on line, or buy a pattern.  There're many ways of doing this.  You need an outer fabric, interfacing or fleece for the middle layer, and lining fabric which turns to the front to make a casing for the tape measure.  I have seen them quilted or not.  When using selveges stitching them down becomes the quilting.  I have several gifts to give this spring, where I can see this working.


Maria Filomena said...

Beatiful work!!!

Maria Filomena

Helen said...

Great idea to use your selvedges! I still have my collection of selvedges and I also have a tape measure bought for this very project!! but I still haven't made one! Now I've seen your beautiful work, I'm going to have a go!!

wackywoman said...

I love these. I double my tape measures up when I make larger ones. I also only get my tape measures at the dollar stores.

Cyn ;-) said...

Super Snap Bags. Never seen them made with selvedges before - very creative of you! There is a short tut on my blog on how to make these in about 10 min using 2 FQs. It's really zippy fast!lol.
Your selvedge idea is amazing! If I modify my tut, may I link back to your [this] post?

Raewyn said...

Very cute - and very effective in the selvedges. I haven't heard of making them with metal tapemeasures before - just store bought snappy things!!

Debbie Madigan said...

These are so handy and yours looks great ~ very creative! I got a really cute one from Lou after my surgery and use it all the time for my hand applique notions :)