Monday, March 26, 2012


This brightly colored quilt is going to our Tuesday Princess (she spends Tuesdays with us), DGD for her 4th birthday.

Here's the other side.

It's reversible.  MJ showed us this easy last month at Stashbusters.  The quilt is made from two 42" squares of a symetrical stripe fabric (one that has a line of symetry -- you can fold the fabric on that line and all the stripes will line up on themself).  You put them RST and stitch on the diagonal to make two half-square-triangles.  Then you put those RST to make two quarter-square-triangles.  You do need to be careful to line up the stripes at all times.

I used a coordinating circle print for the thingies on the edge (sort of like prarie points, but not).  I lined them with fusible fleese, folded the circles in half and stitched. 

They were inserted before stitching around all edges with the batting too, and turning it right-side-out.  Some call it birthing or pillowcase method.  The quilting was done last. 

Now to figure out how to label it.  There is no wrong side to put that on.  Still thinking on that one.  Maybe I will quilt it in, or embroider it on.  Hmm...........

DH asked if we are giving her sun glasses too!  Geesh!


wackywoman said...

Very, very cute. I'd put the label on one of the scallops. Just a little one.

Snippets of Carol said...

Love the way it turned out and how you did the scallops. Maybe a pair of 'mickey' goggles instead of sunglasses. lol.

Nanette said...

Ok did you take the picture in the dark?? It doesn't look as bright as in person, but you know I love bright quilts and I think your granddaughter will love it. It is sure to be drug out every Saturday morning when she is cuddling up to watch cartoonies.

You have to teach me how to do this.

Cyn ;-) said...

Nifty quilt! Some people are so clever. Your edging just makes it - so different and special. Have you thought of embroidering the "label info" on one of the half-circles? Just a thought. This one is a keeper.

Debbie Madigan said...

I love it, Pat. Those scalloped borders make for a very cute quilt . . . perfect for a little girl :)

Raewyn said...

A great idea for a quick and easy project.The edging is amazing!!HOpe she liked it?