Friday, March 30, 2012


Here's my friend, Carol, working the frog stitch (rip-it, rip-it) on my Blue and Whtie quilt.  What a friend!  This was taken last Friday on my lanai.  I've decided to use solid blue where I had the stripe.  The stripe will likely become binding.

No working on flimsies for me today.  Our DGD, age 9, is here.  She is high energy!  We walked, did our fitness trail, and currently she's shooting hoops with Grandpa.  Whew!  After lunch, we head to the pool.  She is hard to keep up with!  Ali's on a swim team and practices 90 minutes, five days a week.  Her muscle strength and endurance sure show!  I know what I'll be doing this evening -- collapsing!


wackywoman said...

Carol is a good friend. Have fun with your granddaughter.

Cyn ;-) said...

Lucky you - nice friend!
Have fun with your DGD. Kids are so much fun, even if they are high activity! Ninety minutes of training. Wowzer!

Carol said...

What a wonderful friend! Have a fun, fun day with you grand daughter..you'll sleep well!

Snippets of Carol said...

Ok now I know I can post that picture taken of you on my blog.

Raewyn said...

ha!! Frog stitch - very clever!! What a great friend you have and an energetic granddaughter - I fell tired just reading about her!