Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I do!  I made these unique buttons yesterday at Clermont Quilters.  One of the gals was demonstrating, and for $5 you could play too.  Well, of course!  Who wouldn't want to play with clay?

This was my first one, a fish.  She's about 1.5" long. Her body and lower fins are cut from leaf shapes.  Her dorsal fin is a heart folded in half, so she can flap it.  And the tail is a small flower shape folded.   I think she'll go on a fish quilt. 

Then I made these.  Much easier.  Just cut with a cookie cutter, and poke holes.

Next we rolled some beads.  I think I over-kneaded the clay, as I lost most of the marble effect.

Then I cut these.  This was actually very easy, as you just slice off from a tube.  The colors were already there.  The shell will have a hole drilled for a pendant, and the others for earrings.

I brought my creations home to bake, and will take the three needing drilling back next week.

This was very fun, and it's always nice to try something new.  It's easy when the supplies are right there, the guide is right there, and all the tools are right there.  Don't think I'll be taking this up as a new hobby, but it was interesting to play with yesterday morning.

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wackywoman said...

Love your buttons. You know your blog is no longer popping up on my google reader. Stange. I went looking for you because I was concerned.