Sunday, May 20, 2012


Yesterday I made this Raspberry Ripple bag, using fabric from Judy Hanson's Radiance collection (Paintbrush Studio).  I just love her designs, her shop (The Quilt Shop of Deland in Florida), and her person.  She is always smiling and full of energy!

The Raspberry Ripple pattern is from Australian designer Melanie Decker, of Melly and Me,  and came with a few challenges for me.  The front ripple part was actually the easiest part.  It's the way they insert the zipper, what they call fusible fleece, etc., that were cause for more consternation.  The interior is half open and half is a zippered pocket --  handy.  The very top closes with a magnet.  I love the size -- 16.5" by 18", including the handle.

For sure I'll be making up more of these handy handbags.  They will go much faster now that I have been through the pattern once!

Making this bag gives me a new appreciation for my Vera Bradley bags and why they cost what they do!


wackywoman said...

Very cute bag. I'm still not getting your updates. I wonder what is going on?

Jody said...

Love the bag!!

Debbie Madigan said...

This bag is 'way cool!' I enjoy making bags, too, espcially in fun fabrics like the ones you chose. You did a great job on it.