Monday, May 7, 2012


This morning I investigated the Clermont Quilters.  They are not a guild.  I was told it's just a group of people who gather to stitch.  But they are much more organized than that. 

They have show-and-tell, demos, other fun stuff.  I brought my Dresden Plates to work on.  Many gals had hand work with them, be it stitching, knitting, whatever.  There was a demo on using those needle punch machines (very nice embellishments), lots of chatter, the nicest comraderie and friendliest group of women.  I'll go back for sure!  Many seemed interested in how I'm doing my Dresdens, so I'll bring my KK Buckley Perfect Circles, and demo those next week. 

They meet every Monday unless it's a major holiday (like Labor day) or if the church is using the space.  They charge just $1 per meeting to cover coffee, photos, etc.  Odd expenses.

One of the sweet members took this picture on her smart phone, and emailed it to me.  It looks empty behind me, but really there were quite a few women there (30?).  They said they pack the place in the winter when the snow birds are here.

What a fun way to start the week!  I'm so enjoying meeting and stitching with real-life quilters, although I love my on-line friends too!

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Snippets of Carol said...

Sounds like fun how far away was it.