Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Have you noticed all the challenges in the on-line quilt world lately?  Seems every blog or page I go to has one.  Don't they know it's summer?

Pat Sloan is challenging us to sew every day in July.  That's not really a problem, as I do sew almost every day.  But in July?  Maybe not.  I have travel plans.  Places to go.  People to see.  Grandkids to play with.  You get the idea.

While blog hopping tonight I saw Thelma's (of  Cupcakes and Daisies blog) post about Sheryl's (of the Temecula Quilt Co.) July challenge.  You make one cakestand basket block a day, every day in July.  The pattern is by Marsha McCloskey.  That's not so hard, but wait..............the finished size is 2".  That's a 16 piece block that finishes 2"!

Well really, these little cake stand blocks are cute! 
The finished size is 2"???  Now that's a challenge.

I can't make a block a day, but maybe I can make 31 blocks in July. 
Same-same?  I do love a challenge!
Then I noticed Thelma was using a Judy Martin Point Trimmer.  Don't I own that?  Quick search.  Yes.  Still in its package.  Goodness.  Must be I'm meant get it out and use it and do this challenge.  The universe is making me do it.
Here's my first cut, a one inch square for the top.
After cutting out all the pieces, I used that Judy Martin trimmer to trim the ends of the triangle units.  Wow!  Easy!  Nice!  Why haven't I used this before???
The HSTs are made from 1.5" squares, and finish at .5".  Here I'm trimming the edges to a perfect 1".
Looking good.
Here's the back.  You trim the seam to 1/8" and press open, because it's so tiny.
All the pieces, ready to put together.
Oops!  That's the wrong triangle on the bottom.  It should be background color.  Switch!
Those trimmed off points sure make lining up to piece easier!
One block finished!

Looks pretty accurate!  Whew!

The second one went together much quicker.  Of course, I wasn't stopping to take pictures, but the second of any block is always faster.

So, today is July 2, and I have two blocks done.  With two hours left in the day:)
Who will join us in this one?
The links above take you to all you need.
I know some of my quilting buddies love tiny blocks.
At the end of the month we get two setting options.  Hmm................
You know you want to!


Carol said...

I'm loving those tiny baskets...made my second one yesterday too...lots of fun.

Elaine said...

I am trying to finish UFO's and here I am starting another project-but they are so cute! Thanks for the links!

Snippets of Carol said...

You do like new projects! cute

Wacky Woman said...

Oh noooooooo I don't. LOL

Pokey said...

Love your cakestand blocks!! I had to try, I finished ONE-- and wish I had used a bit more contrast. It took me almost 2 hours- how's that for being "pokey", lol! Larry just shook his head at me and said it was just too small to do anything with. Hmm, we'll see....