Saturday, July 6, 2013


Remember these?  They're my little Dutch Treat blocks

I've decided these will be my hand work travel project this summer.  I haven't worked on them since my eyes improved with my Prose devices.  Hmmm.............  Bet I'm better at them now that I see better -- think?

Here's the book these little pretties are from.  It's out of print, but many stitchers around the world are still working on them.  The book is called Dutch Treat, and the quilt is referred to as Deft Delft, but most of us just call it Dutch Treat.
Here's some of my blocks before I decided on my final fabric choice.  I'll have to make something small with them I guess.

So, last night, I prepped blocks to be ready to grab and go.

Are you thinking she has so many different things going on at once?  Really?  Yes, that me.  Queen of quilter's A.D.D.


Cheryl Willis said...

very nice, two color quilts are so pretty. I'm a scrappy gal so it is hard for me to work with out touching different fabrics. I admire the focus it takes to do this pattern- it will be beautiful! cw

Mary-Pat Sherman said...

Until now I haven't tried quilting but love seeing and reading about fabric quilts. I am a knitter and crocheter. My favorite afghan so far has been the one I did in ONE color, an ecru, but each square is a different pattern - the classic sampler afghan. Now I'm starting on another all-one-color sampler, but I'm knitting it in larger squares - for my daughter's new huge bed. I do love what I call the striking beauty of simplicity - either in color or pattern. But that's not to take away from the magnificent quilts I've seen in the very very complex patterns and colors!

Wacky Woman said...

Yes you are, LOL; and, you have hard-to-do things at that. :-)

Mary L. said...

Glad to see you are back at work on these. I am so missing doing these blocks, even after three quilts. Definitely want to do a 4th one day when I find the perfect fabric.

Wendy Hausauer said...

I have this book but I haven't started anything in it yet because I have it in storage. You do very nice hand work, is that done with backbasting or it is applique?

Pat from Florida said...

Wendy, you came in as a 'no-reply' commenter so I couldn't email you. These blocks are all reverse applique, where you turn back the top fabric to reveal the under one. Thanks for the nice compliments.