Friday, July 12, 2013


I'm still pondering what pattern to use for the next border, but I think I have the fabrics.  The owner requests that we stick with batiks and batik-like fabrics.

The pattern chosen will determine how many I need; but I'm leaning toward dogtooth border with the top two.

Decisions, decisions!
What to add?  What to add?


JaneGardner said...

Look really nice!
What about white friendship stars?

sophie said...

I know you weren't necessarily asking for suggestions and I have no idea if there is a rule for border you're adding (beyond the fabric guideline). If it were my decision, I would be tempted to repeat the sawtooth star in the center and make a bunch of those for the next border. I might even repeat the colors of the center and make red stars on a cream/light background.

Wacky Woman said...

Isn't that pretty! Love the batik.

Dolores said...

Mini trees with a light background? Thinking about quilt things and the next step always takes me the longest and quite often I'm glad it does because problems are solved and colours are chosen.

Barbara said...

Beautiful fabrics. How about a braid border? Would be nice with some light/medium batiks against that dark blue border.

Michele said...

A dogtooth border is a good idea! A checkerboard border is another nice option. I'm sure it will look wonderful no matter what you choose :-)