Sunday, April 15, 2012


No a tornado didn't hit (as my mother used to ask).  It's just time to redo.  Redo?  Didn't I just move in last Nov.?  Well, yes.  And some things are staying the same, but some are changing. 

After using the room a while, I have a better feel for it.  Things are getting organized slightly differently.  And for sure I NEED a permanent design wall.

Stash will be going on these shelves below the design wall.  They used to be one on top of the other on the opposite wall.  Now I've moved a different bookcase there.  Now that the furniture is where I want it, I've started hanging things on the walls.  Stay tuned for more pictures later this week.  Neater, hopefully!

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Snippets of Carol said...

Chaos? How can we sew in that? It is beginning to look like my sewing room, its that way most of the time.