Thursday, April 26, 2012


Carol left last Sunday, and life is back to more normal, but with new energy.  Here's an account of our last day.

Carol demonstrated an Upper Case Living event at my clubhouse Sat. morning.  We both forgot to get pictures!  Then we came back to my house, and she helped me hang my Upper Case order from before.  What a trooper.  Here she is, up on the ladder, measuring and showing me how to do this, while I play helper.
This was my job.  This and handing Carol things.
Here's the end result.
Next we Carol did my second one.  While she was up there, I had her hang my button window 'valance'.
She also gave me a couple hearts that are wipe off boards.  Well, I made a mess of that.  Carol suggested I save the labels from my wall appliques so I'd know what color they were in case I want to order more in the same colors.  I carelessly cut a hole in one the the hearts!  Yikes!
However, I managed to save it, and if you didn't know, you wouldn't see it.
Here's the design wall near the end of our time together.  Actually a few more blocks and plates were added, but I evidently didn't get a picture of it then.

Hope we can do it again soon!


Snippets of Carol said...

Wow Pat, the next project we need is to diet. The rear picture is awful, please don't feed me next time.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is some seriously inspirational work! Your sewing room looks great! DDIL :)