Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I've been  sewing my DJ Siggy Swap blocks for the 2012 swap, and realized I don't make them exactly like my former tutorial on my blog.  I've found a quicker/easier way.  So here it is.  This way is now in my tutorial link too.

 Cut one 3.5" light square for the center.  Cut two 4" squares for the triangle sides and slice them in half on the diagonal.

 For triangles one and two, line up your ruler with the opposite diagonal line points, on 1.75" (square is turned in this pic).
 Slice off the tips.
 And again on the other side.
Now the first two triangles will line up exactly with your 3.5" center square.  No need to fold and finger press the center.  No need to guess how much to cut off the tips.  It fits perfectly.  This is the new improved part.  Way faster!
 Sew the first triangle on, and then repeat with the opposite side, triangle two.
 Press to set seams.
 Then press open -- seams to the outside.
 It's easy to eyeball the third and fourth triangles, centered, so there's no need to trim the tips off those.
 Stitch, and press to set seams.

 Open out and press the third and fourth triangles..
 Voila!  Here's the siggy.  Not not trimmed to 5" yet.  For the International Siggy Swap trim it up.  However, for the DJ Siggy Swap send it in as is.  We all trim our own.
It's way faster this way.  I made 50 today in no time.  Of course I still have to sign/stamp/embellish the siggy, but the construction was a snap!

Hope this helps get these done quickly for you.


Pokey said...

Great quick step, so simple, and yet it works great! When are you swapping?

Snippets of Carol said...

Great and love the fabric, you must save some of it for the row by row. lol