Thursday, April 19, 2012


This is the other Nana quilts posting for Pat as a guest blogger. Boy I could have fun doing this especially after another glass of wine.  Sorry, I forgot tell you my name is Carol Cox.

To introduce myself, I am Pat's best friend [sorry to those who thought they were] but its true.  I have known Pat since 1982 when we met in Dhahran through our daughters. Melissa was a new student and my daughter, Tracey, was assigned to show her around the school.  Melissa was sure Tracey was a boy and was shocked when she took her into the rest room.   But they became good friends and so did their mothers.

However, I digress. Pat and I have sewn together for many years now, go on retreats and room together, vacation together, and 'wine' together. Fortunately our husbands like each other and tolerate these obsessions.  Our kids are friends and visit each other also. Since we both have had health issues and family issues the past few years we don't attend many formal retreats again.  But getting together at each others homes helps us keep up with this tradition.

This week we are supposed to be here sewing on our Patchwork quilts we purchased in 2007 and I actually have three blocks done.  Pat is working on a 'twist and stitch' quilt.  We both are doing scrappy Dresden plates.  We don't actually get much done since we are laughing to much.  Taking care of the dogs, making meals, walking, and shopping does get in the way too much.

Here are some pictures of Pat working laughing on her quilt.

This is Pat's design wall where I have my Calli lily block, two Dresden's, one of the Patchwork and her twist and stitch.  A fun technique I will have to try some day. She does like to get me into new projects.

Here is my blog address if you want to go and see what Pat said on my blog as the guest blogger.  Stay tuned for more retreat news from the confused.


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