Friday, April 20, 2012


Carol woke up with a head ache this morning.  We think she may have had a touch of flu!

But after a while she felt better, and we did some sewing.  I worked on more dresden plates.
And played with them, all in nice chains.

Then we had lunch and headed out shopping.  We went to Bealls, JoAnn's, then to Maitland to The Sewing Studio where Carol picked up her repaired machine, and I picked up supplies for my smocking class. 

She saw a display of diaper cover supplies, and I mentioned they had the very same stuff at JoAnn's.  So back to Winter Garden we headed.  By that time we needed more nourishment -- shopping is hard work!  So after coffee/tea and pastry at Pannera, back to JoAnn's we went.  While there, not only did she find diaper cover supplies, but also a sweet chair for sewing.  Check her blog for pics.

Back home, Carol napped.  Yes she did.  She said she was just resting her eyes, but..............  I put together salads for dinner, and then we got our second wind..  Carol finished another block, and I trimmed, turned, and pressed all those plates I sewed in the moring.

My design wall is really filling up, mainly thanks to Carol.  Hey, I have to cook, clean and do drudge work -- yeah, that's why, and I'm sticking with that!.  I'll post design wall pics tomorrow.  Retreats are so fun, even if just two friends getting together.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

I am Carol's wacky sister. Keep her busy so she stays out of trouble. Like the snippets of Carol that you posted on her blog.
Maybe we can meet again when the sisters get together.

JOAN #2 sister.