Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This year I made a Christmas stocking for youngest DGS, Charlie. Then I decided to make them for his parents too. Charlie's older brother Brendan already has his.
This is the same Vogue pattern, from the 1970's, that I used to make my kid's stockings, which still hang at my house every year, but only the bachelor is here Christmas morning, generally. Their original ones are in red gingham, red and white stripe, etc., as Christmas prints hadn't come out yet. Dark ages! They're a couple feet long, so it's easy for Santa to find gifts that will fit. The names are hand-embroidered in chain stitch. But back then I had to iron-on the assembled letters (those blue transfers that you iron a pattern to fabric with). Now, of course, you just find a font you like on the computer, write the word, print it off, and trace. Times change!

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Angela said...

Your stockings are great! I made stockings for everyone in our family about 4 years ago, and then had to add another one for Jimmy the next year... :o)