Thursday, October 11, 2012


This week we are studying Hagar, and we are using the Wandering Foot quilt block for her.  I completed this block on 1/21/08, and this is from my journal at that time.

I used a mottled tan for the background to represent the desert.  Hagar must have been very frightened being alone with Ishmael wandering in the desert, after being cast out by Abraham and Sarah.  I have desert camped with full provisions, and with loved ones and friends with me.  Still the desert is so vast, so foreboding.  You'd better have what you need with you, or hope one of the other families has it, to survive.

The green is for the occasional scrubby brush or bush in the desert, which is where Hagar put her son down, when they could not go on any longer.

The blue in the center is the life-giving well that Hagar saw when she opened her eyes.  Even in the desert there's water.

I used vibrant rose also.  Although Hagar was a foreigner, a slave, a woman, a nobody, she was SEEN by God.  He saw her struggles.  He was there for her.  He provided.  Not only collectively seen, as in God sees His people, but Hagar, herself, individually was seen.  When you look at my block, the first thing you notice is the vibrant rose.  It represents that God sees us on an individual, personal, level.

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