Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This is my block for Sarah, completed on 1/16/08.  Here's my journal from then:

I chose three fabrics that each have lines to their pattern for Sarah for two reasons.

First is all the moving with Abraham.  We have lived many places, but never in a house long than now, and that is just not quite 5 years yet.  Move, move, move.  I get it.  Some of the lines are straight, some are curvy, but they all just keep going, and going.  Also we moved to Saudi Arabia for my husband's job in 1981 and stayed 13 years!  That was a culture shock move.  I get it.

Second the lines literally are there to represent the lineage of the nation started by Sarah and Abraham.  Some lines are straight, representing their blood decendants.  Some are curvy representing all the others in their flock.

The colors are bright and radiant, representing Sarah's great beauty.

The block isn't perfect, and that is just perfect with me.  In hindsight (of course I aimed for a perfect block), the imperfections represent that Sarah wasn't perfect either and neither are we.  God loves us and still finds a useful place for us anyway, just as this square will ind a place in my WOB quilt.

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Cyn ;-) said...

Wowzer... LOVE the fabric in the outside pieces. It is wonderful. Such movement in your block. Nice job, girlfriend!