Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I reread the story of Rebekah last night. Again my block was made a couple years ago, but this is what I wrote at the time.

I used blue to represent the stream or well where Rebekah said just the right words. The tan represents the camels, so many in number, which she offered to water. The green is for the jealousy and rivalry between the brothers. I also planned to use the right contrast of fabrics to make the cross appear. 

I think sibling rivalry is a normal thing, but favoritism by parents is something else again. And Rebekah's trickery to ensure the blessing for her favorite son, hmmmm........................
Each time I go through this bible study, I get more out of it.  Welcoming Hand block is used to represent Rebekah.  Making the quilt block to go with the woman of the bible sure helps me remember her story, her place in history.

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Raewyn said...

This is a lovely block, Pat!