Tuesday, October 9, 2012


If you've read my blog for a few years, you know that one of my very long term projects is the Women of the Bible Quilt.  This group, found here, was really my first on-line quilting adventure.  I was looking for an on-line bible study when this popped up.  For me it's perfect -- combining women of the bible with quilting.  Each week we study one woman and make a quilt block representing her.  It's a great way for me to retain the knowledge about the woman, by making a block about her.

The group started back up last month, back to the beginning with Eve.  I'm following along and posting on the group, but I haven't put my progress here, because it's been here before.  Someone in the group, said why not put them on my  blog again, and I agree.  So I'm going back to Eve and posting here.  If it looks and reads like deja vu to you, it's because it is..

I completed Eve, Garden of Eden, block 1/9/08 and this is what I journaled at that time:

I chose red for the center, as to me it represents childbirth and Eve being the mother of all humankind.  I suppose it could also be taken for the forbidden fruit in the garden, but that was not my thought at the time.  I was thinking of the strong emotions of childbirth.

The green is for the lush garden and the yellow is the sunshine filtering through.

The readings about Eve have put a new light on her.  I always thought of her as the one who caved in and ate the forbidden fruit.  But especially the "Lost Women of the Bible" put a whole new perspective on Eve, and what she must have gone through.  She was indeed a strong woman.

In my journal I then follow up with what was happening in my life personally at that time.  It makes a nice record.

I'll be catching up with Sarah next, and then onto Hagar, whom we are studying this week.

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Great looking block, Pat.