Saturday, May 22, 2010


Here's my 2010 DJ Siggy Quilt flimsy. I'm making a simple throw from the blocks. I still have siggies from two prior years to make something with. Perhaps something fancier with more flair will strike with those.

Oh, and about the wool, I posted about it on Woolie Buddies yahoo group. Some great advice and expertise there! More on that later.

Now I'm off to meet a DJer from the big list, for a sit-and-sew at a LQS in Apopka. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

wow, you have been busy. I trimmed all mine and then decided that I will wait and get all my siggy swaps from 2010 and put them in one large quilt. Then I can do each year separate. Looks good. Have fun sewing with your DJ friend today.

Mary said...

You did not waste any time. Looks good. I joined DJ and got mine out to see where I am. I think I have more blocks done then I thought!!

Angela said...

That looks great, Pat! I really like the rainbow effect! Have fun today!

daisywaite said...

I'm Susan Tennessee from the Dear Jane list..I need to ask a 'a-hmph, stupid question...what is a "flimsy" ????

Pat from FL and MI said...

Susan, and all,
A flimsy is a quilt top. No batting, backing, quilting and binding -- yet.

There are no stupid questions!

Also, you are set to 'no-reply' meaning you email doesn't show up when you leave a reply, so I (and others) can't email you back if you as a question.

Have a great day,

daisywaite said...

Thank you ! I will try to fix that reply thingy,