Friday, May 7, 2010


Thanks for all the help! I've now got my choices down to three fabrics. There's enough of the blue stripe for the first narrow border or the binding. The other two I have more than enough of. I'm thinking narrow blue stripe border then wider of the print and the use the black tonal for binding, or I could use solid black for binging too. Or I could use the blue print for the outer border and binding.

So the question is, Use the blue stripe for a narrow inner border, or no inner border and use the blue stripe for binding. I'm pretty set on the print for the wide border.



Angela said...

I like what you show there, except I think I would go for the solid block binding. To me, that would frame it better... Have fun!

Cheryl Willis said...

I like the stripe as a narrow inner border, the wider floral and then either a solid or your tone on tone black as the binding.

plan B would be just the floral and bind with the stripe. JMHO- cheryl

Karen H said...

I really like this colour pallet. I enjoy working with these colours. I would use the stripe for a narrow border and the floral for the wide border with plain black for the binding.
This will be a beautiful quilt.