Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This morning I finished my Downy Quilt. In the end I decided to name it "Hugs" because I have huge writing, and it's a relatively small label, LOL! I used a simple grid quilting with a walking foot, and stitched the binding down with a swirly flower stitch that goes with the focal print. This has been a fun donation project.


Angela said...

Lovely, Pat! I love the added *pizazz* for the binding! I need to get another quilt kit from them - the kids will be out of school after this week, and Lizzie wants to put another one together! :o)

Cheryl Willis said...

adorable, we are working on kid quilts with my little group, I love this setting. cw

Pat said...

Cute little touch on the binding stitching! You did a great job with this quilt.

Joanna said...

I love the fabric and the binding. It's beautiful.

Helen said...

Your "Downy" quilt has come out just so adorable!

Fancy stitching the binding is a great idea and certainly adds to the durability of the quilt!

Happy Sewing!