Saturday, May 8, 2010


A year and a half is a long time for blocks to languish in a bag. Especially if they are as special as these. Someone in my swap group, emailed and asked if any of the nine of us had our quilt together. No, not one of us. And this swap ended fall 2008.

Well, never one to work on one project straight through, I abandoned all else that was going, and put the blocks on the design wall. Yesterday, I made an additional block, a children's shelf. Today I sashed the shelves Attic Window style. Then I decided to fussy cut a few do-dads to sit on the shelves and lean on the books behind. Then I embroidered some fallen petals from the vase of flowers. Then, then, well, lots of puttering on this today, and this is my progress so far. Much better than a BOB (bag of blocks), if I do say so myself.


Angela said...

Oh Pat! These are really great! Amazing! What a great keepsake that will be, with everyone's different shelves! Great job putting them together!

Rosa Robichaud said...

Good Grief! I just learned a new synchronym or anonym or whatever it's called!!

A BOB!!!!

I have LOADS of those!!!!


BTW, I LOVE your bookcase quilt!!!!

Tks for sharing!


Karen H said...

Do I ever like the Attic window setting for these blocks!!! I would never have thought of it but it sure sets of the blocks. I have to get some woodgrain fabric to finish this. The fabric I had got is a batik and I don't really like it for this. I would not have thought about adding the little extras either. Sounds like you had lots of fun.
I hope you have a special place to hang it. It will be a wonderful conversation piece. I sure look forward to finishing mine.
Thanks for sharing your progress.

Karen said...

A long time ago, I was going to make a bookcase quilt. Going to is the important phrase there. Never happened. Good to see one all put together.

Micki said...

That's a treasure Pat...I love it!

Janie M said...

Dear Pat, It has been a long time since you posted your bookcase quilt on your blog! I've looked at so many bookcase-style quilts on Pinterest and the like, but no one takes a photo of the BACK of their finished quilt! Would you happen to have a photo, or be able to describe what you used for the backing, how you quilted it? I just wanted to say how inspirational your quilt has been in helping me create my own for a friend who loves books. Best regards, Janie