Tuesday, May 4, 2010


My first Downy Quilts for Kids kit just arrived. The fabric is beautiful -- so bright and cheery -- just what an ill child would love! The pattern is simple to make, yet very cute.

To make a quilt for this charitable group, they send you the fabric, pattern, and even the label. You provide the batting, the work, and the return postage. They even ask you to return the pattern so they can reuse it, as well as the baggie it all comes in. Very green and thrifty!

Of course they welcome you to send a quilt from your own fabric too, if you can.

So, I'm off to my "one-day-a-month (at least) patchwork for donation" resolution.


Wilma NC said...

Very cool. I went and requested a kit for myself.

Anonymous said...

Same colors as mine. Will be hard to work with this cut unwashed fabric. But we can take an allergy pill first right? Or maybe jsut start with teh wine.

Pat said...

Nice fabrics. Mine was for a boy.... but I enjoyed doing it and it turned out very nice.