Saturday, May 15, 2010


Here's my klosje progress for the week -- nine little 2 3/4" spool blocks.

Elni, from Holland, was so kind as to leave a comment on my first klosje post explaining why we have 'Klosje Day' (klosjedag) on Saturday. It is not because we make them that day, it's because Saturday is the day that you post about your klosje progress on your blog. I'm so glad to know!

Elni, I tried to email you a thank-you for this information, but when I tried to reply to your comment it was a no-reply email setting. It is something in your settings. But thank you here, and good to have a friend from SBS drop by.


Elni Langeveld said...

You're welcome!!!

I don't know how to change the settings, but I read your kind reply!

Bey! Elni

Karen said...

Ah, the second post with Klosjes. I am not seeing as many popping up on Saturdays now. It has been fun to see the ones everyone is making.

Micki said...

Lovely blocks Pat!

Karen said...

This weeks klosjes are lovely!

Angela said...

I am so close to jumping on the Klosje bandwagon... :o)
Yours are beautiful!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Pat! I saw your blog on the DJ list...very nice! I just stsrted making Klosjes, as well! Have only about 12 made, but I will remember to post about them on SATURDAY!! LOL! All the best from Denmark!