Saturday, May 29, 2010


My wall of klosjes is growing. Four more tiny spools were added this week, during quick moments. I have also prepped blocks to piece.


Linda said...

I love these. How are you making them? Will you share?

Linda said...
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Linda said...

I'm behind the times. I found the other posts about Klosjes. I love hand piecing too. It is very relaxing.
I actually took a class at the International Quilt Show in Houton, TX, from Cindy Blackburg. I enjoyed it so much.

Angela said...

Beautiful! Well, I have the stamps, so what is my excuse now?! :O) I am anxious to start, just need to pull some fabrics... :o)

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful, Pat!

PS My word verification is
SPOOLybo!! That's spooky!!

Joke said...

Hi Pat,

Surfing the web I came here and see that you're a "klosjesmaker" also. You made some lovely ones already! Are you going to make a quilt of them? Something else perhaps? I've been making klosjes for some time time and started putting them together.

Best wishes,