Thursday, May 20, 2010


When something new arrives in the mail, I just have to play! So it is with these siggies. Other projects are slid down temporarily. It's a really bad habit!

I trimmed up the siggies this morning, so they all have a more uniform look now. I've tried laying them out light to dark, trip around the world, and as they are, rainbow. Not sure what I'll so with them, but they'd make several great tote bags to take to retreat, shows, or class. They'd also make great pillowcases at retreats. Hmmm.............I'll probably make a throw, but ideas are dancing all over the place in my head!


Angela said...

I really like the rainbow lay-out. I may use your tote-bag idea. You can never have too many pretty fabric bags... :o)

Anonymous said...

I like your layout. I'm also excited to sew the siggies into a nice small throw. Wondering if I might put some sashing between....PS I love your website!